Demi Fine

Featuring 18k gold plating, sterling silver and natural stones, our Demi-Fine collection is made to last through your everyday Pura Vida moments.

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Elevated, coastal style,
that is...


Every Demi-Fine piece is carefully crafted by hand, giving you one-of-a-kind jewelry.


Our design team focuses on creating pieces that feel timeless and can be worn for seasons to come. Instead of the here and now, we aim to push the boundaries of what's currently trending.

Natural + Effortless

Demi-Fine is for those who love the real and natural. Our pieces are made from elements of the earth - silver + gold.


Our .925 sterling silver is a bright, shiny and high quality metal made to last.

18k Gold

Our gold plated pieces use a high quality 18k gold that is applied to a .925 sterling silver base.

Jewelry Care

Learn how to keep your Demi-Fine pieces everlasting with these care techniques.

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Looking for demi fine jewelry? Your search ends here. Our long-awaited collection is available now! This elevated coastal style is perfect for those who love Pura Vida’s vibe but want pieces with a bit more luxury and sophistication to them. Treat yourself to our necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, and earrings today!


Unveiling Our Women’s Demi Fine Jewelry: an Elevated Coastal Look You’re Sure to Love!

The Pura Vida brand is all about living a grateful life where you stop to appreciate the little things. Our goal since 2012 has been to produce jewelry that inspires this lifestyle - and if our vast community is any indication, we’ve done a pretty good job so far! But, we’ve always had customers asking us for pieces with a bit more sophistication - and we heard you. After extensive design and testing, we’re so excited to unveil our women’s demi fine jewelry collection!

These items feature the same laidback, mellow, coastal flair you’ve come to expect from Pura Vida. But, we’ve used higher-end materials like sterling silver and gold - along with authentic diamonds and gemstones to tie it all together. You’re going to absolutely love our new additions - spoil yourself or a loved one today. Or, keep reading to learn what makes this new lineup so special.

What Makes Our Women’s Demi Fine Jewelry Collection So Special?

Saying we’ve never done anything like this series before is a bit of an understatement - just take a look at the products below and see for yourself! Featuring 18k gold plating, sterling silver, and natural stones, our Demi-Fine collection is made to last through your everyday Pura Vida moments. We’ve partnered with artisans to handcraft all the jewelry within this collection - ensuring unparalleled attention to detail and quality. This also means when you buy something from this collection, you’re getting a truly unique piece of jewelry.

If you love the Pura Vida brand but want something a bit more refined - this collection is for you. It’s perfect for nights out on the town or at work - and you can still wear all these pieces to the beach, lake, camping - you name it. You won’t find a more versatile selection of jewelry than what we offer here in this collection. And of course, when you shop here with us, you’re helping support our mission for change. With the help of our community, we’ve been able to donate $4 million and counting across 200+ charities - and we’re just getting started!

The Different Types of Jewelry You’ll Find in Our Demi Fine Collection

In this collection you’ll find jewelry for every part of you. We’ve designed demi fine braceletsdemi fine rings,  demi fine necklacesdemi fine earrings, and demi fine anklets. The best way to rock this new line is to complete the look - so explore the full collection!

What are You Waiting for? Treat Yourself Today!

Ready to treat yourself to the most sophisticated, elevated collection we’ve ever offered? We can’t wait to see how you show off your new Pura Vida jewelry - treat yourself today!