Demi-Fine Bracelets

Sunshine Tag Chain Bracelet
Sunshine Tag Chain Bracelet Options
Finish - 18K Gold
Sunshine Tag Chain Bracelet
Mini Coin Drop Bracelet
Mini Coin Drop Bracelet Options
Finish - Sterling Silver
Mini Coin Drop Bracelet

Our string bracelets are what started it all here at Pura Vida - but, our community has always asked us, “is this available in gold?”. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to our new, elevated collection of demi fine bracelets. While still embodying the laidback coastal vibe you’ve come to know and love from us, these gold and silver works of art are unlike anything we’ve ever done. Treat yourself or a loved one today!

Spoil Yourself or Someone Special - Our Demi Fine Bracelets are Available Now!

Back in 2012 when we made the decision to partner with Costa Rican artisans to bring home unique bracelets for our friends and family, our goal was very simple. We wanted to bottle up the chill, mellow lifestyle we experienced there through jewelry. And that’s still our goal today - but things have changed a little. Now, we strive to create jewelry that transcends time and pushes the boundaries of what is currently trending - and that’s exactly what our new collection of demi fine jewlery does!

On this page, you’ll be greeted by sophisticated bracelets that will elevate your look. Whether you’re headed to the beach to lay out or you’re getting ready for a night on the town, you can look and feel your best while living the Pura Vida lifestyle and wearing our jewelry. Shop now and see what the new collection is all about for yourself - or, keep reading and we’ll explain why you NEED our new demi fine bracelets in your life.

Why You NEED Our Demi Fine Bracelets in Your Life

These bracelets are carefully made by hand with the help of artisan craftspeople. This ensures incredible attention to detail - but it also means each bracelet is unique, just like you are. And, we use only natural, pure materials throughout this line. You can choose between .925 sterling silver and gold for your bracelet - and, you will even find natural, white opal stones in some of these pieces. Just look at some of the photos on the product pages and see how stunning the bracelets look when stacked together - you won’t be able to leave empty-handed!

Of course, when you shop here at Pura Vida you get to feel good knowing you’re helping support our mission to leave the world a better place - our demi fine collection is no exception. Your purchase helps us partner with charities we believe in across the globe, fight climate change, and provide disaster relief. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done so far, but we’re far from finished. Shop today and help us create an impactful change worldwide!

These Bracelets are Just Part of the New Demi Fine Collection…

These bracelets offer an elevated coastal style that our community has been craving for ages. We’re so excited to see how you wear yours! If you really want to look your best in these new additions to our catalog, though, we encourage you to complete the look. There’s no doubt about it - our demi fine bracelets look wonderful on their own. But when paired with our demi fine necklacesdemi fine earringsdemi fine anklets, and demi fine ringsthey look even better! Explore the full collection today and see what the hypes all about yourself.