Demi-Fine Anklets

If you love PuraVida anklets and wish they came in gold or silver, we’ve got exciting news to share with you…our demi-fine anklets are available now! Everything you’ve come to know and love about the PuraVida brand in an exciting new style. These gold and silver anklets are perfect for those who love what we stand for but want something a bit more luxurious. Explore the products below and see for yourself just how amazing our designers did!

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Our jewelry has always been inspired by the chill, laidback coastal lifestyle. In fact, the brand itself was born in Costa Rica - where we partnered with artisans to bring back stunning, artisan bracelets for our friends and family. Since then, we’ve maintained our coastal roots and produced a wide assortment of jewelry styles. And now, we’re introducing our demi fine jewelry line. This elevated coastal style is perfect for anyone who loves what the PuraVida brand is all about but wants something more luxurious.

Browse the products below and find your new favorite piece. These items are adding some flair to your look while you sink your toes into the sand. They’re also sophisticated enough to pair with your nighttime look - whether you’re headed to a bonfire, a dinner date, the club, or a dive bar. These pieces are as unique as you are - and we can’t wait to see how you wear them! Keep reading to learn what has us - and the rest of our community - so excited about this new drop.

Why We’re So Excited About Our New Demi Fine Anklets

Our demi fine anklets are unlike anything we’ve ever offered our community before. This collection has been a long time coming - as our customers have always asked us for more elevated jewelry to complement the rest of their Pura Vida collection. Here’s what you need to know about our demi fine anklets…

The anklets in this collection are classic and subtle, while still offering a special, unique vibe - our designers have truly outdone themselves! Just as with our traditional string jewelry, we use the highest-quality materials possible - and this new collection is no exception. The two main materials are bright, shiny .925 sterling silver and stunning 18k gold. And, along with these two natural materials, we use natural elements throughout the rest of the design. For example - our Shimmering Chain Anklet (one of our personal favorites of the entire collection!) features a natural topaz stone right in the center of the hypoallergenic silver or gold chain. The artisans that have handcrafted these anklets are the best in the world at what they do. And because they’re made by hand, each piece is unique - just like you.

These timeless anklets are truly something special - and they speak for themselves. But, another reason to shop our new collection? When you spend your hard-earned money here with us, you’re helping create real change worldwide. We are constantly giving back - and have used our platform and the help of our community to donate $4 million across 200+ charities, plant over 32,000 trees, and offset 5.1 million lbs of carbon emissions. When you shop with us, you’re doing your part to make a difference!

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Our demi fine ankle bracelets are a wonderful addition to your collection - but, you can complete the look to truly elevate your appearance when you step outside. Our demi fine rings, demi fine earrings, demi fine necklaces, and demi fine bracelets are must see collections too!