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Satellite Chain Anklet
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Pride Mini Braided Anklet

If you want to show off some of your personality with a woven anklet, you’re in luck. At Pura Vida, we create beautifully braided anklets that add the perfect flair to your ankles. Carefully crafted with quality materials to last a lifetime, these are the best choice online - shop now and treat yourself or spoil someone else!

Get Beautiful Braided Anklets That Will Last A Lifetime At Pura Vida!

Pura Vida translates to “Pure Life” - and this is a phrase we try to live by each and every day. We believe that far too often people go through life without appreciating the little things. When you wear jewelry by Pura Vida, you can let it serve as a reminder to slow down and enjoy all life has to offer. And this summer as you’re running up and down the beach, camping at the lake, or simply sunbathing in the backyard - there is no better way to live the Pura Vida way than with our braided ankle bracelets!

These stunning, high-quality woven anklets are crafted with unparalleled attention to detail. The final product is a work of art - and since we only ever use the best materials in the industry, you can rest assured you’re getting jewelry that will withstand the test of time. Better yet, you can feel good about today’s shopping spree knowing your purchase helps support our mission to make this world a better place. Shop now - or read down below if you’re still on the fence. We’ll explain why our woven anklets are the best choice online.

Why Our Woven Anklets Are The Best Choice Online

Our braided ankle bracelets are things of beauty. We wax coat these anklets so you never have to worry about them breaking down over time. They’ll stay looking stunning for the long haul. And with so many different styles to choose from, your perfect pick is here waiting for you to discover it! But if you ask many of our customers what keeps them coming back for more, they’ll tell you it’s not just the jewelry. It’s the movement Pura Vida represents.

Part of living a pure life entails doing our part to keep this planet inhabitable. We’ve taken measures to reduce our impact on the environment, such as using eco-friendly packaging and even offering plastic-free shipping. But we don’t stop there. In this collection, you’ll find products that associate with a specific cause - such as the Pride Mini Braided Anklet. When you purchase these collaborative pieces, you’re helping us support their cause. But, you can feel good about any product you buy here at Pura Vida. We’ve sent over $4 million to 200 different charities around the world. When we say we’re leading a mission to make this world a better place, we mean it. So, don’t hesitate to stock that cart up - it’s for a good cause!

Braided Anklet Bracelets Are Just Part One Of Our Creations - Explore Them All While You’re Here!

By now you can see why we’re the preferred choice for all things artisan jewelry. Not only do we offer the finest pieces, but they represent something bigger than the jewelry itself. There’s just one thing left for you to do at this point - treat yourself to the woven braided ankle bracelets you deserve! Or, explore other types of jewelry we offer - such as our string anklets or beaded anklets. Looking to shop for that special man or woman in your life? Take a peek at our anklets for men or anklets for women!