The *Perfect* Moorea Itinerary with Hilton

Calling all island babes, beach lovers and travelers, trust us, you’re going to want to read this!!

You may have heard that we’re doing another HUGE wanderlust giveaway. Last time we brought you St. Kitts, this time we’re partnering with the Hilton Moorea Resort Lagoon & Spa (!!) to give one lucky person a round trip flight and three nights stay in Moorea! 

We were lucky enough to scope out this beautiful spot ourselves so we could put together the perfect Moorea itinerary. Let’s take a look at what this dream vacation will look like for the lucky winner!

First things first, arrive at the hotel ✈️

The Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort has the dreamiest views you can imagine. To paint you a picture *though that will never do it justice* It’s located on the north side of the island right between both the primary bays of the island- aka the perfect location. To one side of the resort, luscious green mountains, and to the other bright turquoise water. 

To make sure you don’t miss a beat of that sparkling clear water, the overwater bungalows each have a private dock for swimming and snorkeling, as well as a glass section of the floor to see the ocean directly under you!!

Grab a bite to eat.. 🍣

Not only does the Hilton provide a stunning atmosphere, it has a buffet for breakfast and dinner, a beachside cafe for lunch, and our favorite, the overwater creperie! The creperie serves both sweet and savory crepes, both of which are delicious. Plus, if you go around 10PM, you’ll see tons of Blacktip Sharks! 

Speaking of sharks… take a look at Adventure #1 - Snorkling 🤿

The most unforgettable part of this trip was snorkeling in the lagoons with stingrays and sharks. Moana Boat Tours took us to both shallow and deep diving spots to see the wildlife. The stingrays are actually so sweet - our team likes to call them sea pancakes!

After all the swimming, our guides took us to a private island lunch at KayWest where we had Tahiti’s signature dish- fresh poisson cru, along with chicken, rice, and french fries!

Adventure #2 - Island food tour 🚌🧉🍱

For day two we got to experience all of the island’s native cuisines on a food tour with our guide Heimata Hall (@moorea_food_adventures). We got to tour the Rotui juice factory and eat at the local spots. Some of the things we tried were:

-Crunchy mango 

- Fresh coconut water (straight out of the coconut!) 

-Chow mein sandwiches (yes, you read that right!)


-Poisson Cru 

-Tuna Tar Tar

-Homemade ice cream 

Adventure #3 - Sunset cruise ⛵️

Stuffed from all the incredible food, we ended our day on a catamaran with Voila Moorea. Our guide took us around Cook’s Bay and let us take a sunset dip in Opunohu Bay- just look at how beautiful it was! 

Adventure #4 - Offroad adventure 🏔

To end our trip, we went on a Hilton ATV excursion. This tour gave us breathtaking views overlooking the two bays. Our guides told us the legends of the island and showed us Mount Rotui, the tallest on the island. We also got to ride through the extensive pineapple fields and feed freshwater eels! 

Don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes to try this itinerary IRL! And comment which of the foods we ate you’d wanna try! 

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April 1, 2022 at 5:47pm

I have a question, are we able to enter yet? If so how can I? Thanks!

March 21, 2022 at 6:51pm

I would love to try the chow mein sandwiches!

March 21, 2022 at 6:47pm

This trip literally sounds amazing!!

March 21, 2022 at 6:12am

I would love to try the dumplings!! I lived in Roatan Honduras for 3 years and absolutely love islands and getting to explore new cultures!!

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