Pura Vida's Most Popular: The Iconic String Bracelet

Since the dawn of Pura Vida in 2010, the string bracelet has become an *iconic* staple in our catalog, withstanding the test of time and remaining a bestseller year, after year, after year, after… you get it. Needless to say, when you think of Pura Vida, you think of the string bracelet. 

But… How did we get here? What is it about the string bracelet that defies both time and trends? We’re here to celebrate this classic piece and count down five of the many reasons the string bracelet is still so major today. 🌟


The first (and probably most important) reason that our string bracelets are so well loved is how incredibly adaptable they are. Exhibit A: our Solid Original string bracelet is available in 20+ colors, making it SO easy to match it to your outfit or vibe for the day. You can stack different colors to boldly tie in different parts of your outfit, or you can choose one or two neutrals for a more subtle, complementary look. Because the string bracelet is so easy to scale up or back, they can be worn in nearly any setting and paired with all kinds of accessories. 


Looking beyond the style and setting flexibility of the string bracelet, fans love them because they are so durable. Unlike other delicate pieces prone to rust or wear, you don’t have to think twice about wearing the string bracelet to the beach or to a hiking trail, to the gym or to the pool. ⛰️🌊 This design is artisan-crafted, so you know you’re not skipping out on quality. They’re also completely waterproof, so through sweat, waves, or showers, you don’t have to think twice. Being able to keep this piece in rotation for so long and have it weather so many seasons makes it the cornerstone of a well-curated jewelry collection. 


Not only is the string bracelet durable enough to withstand virtually any environment or activity, they’re so comfortable that people rarely find themselves taking them off. The artisan-quality materials used and flexible combination of strings, ties, and knots allows you to move freely without the snagging or jutting you may get from other pieces. Barely being able to feel it or tell you have it on is a huge reason these bracelets are such a fan fave. 💖


Because string bracelets last so long and fit so effortlessly into any collection, the cost per wear stays super low, making them some of the most affordable bracelets on the market. The value is even higher with frequent sales across the site and cost-effective bundles like our Friendship Packs, Charitable Packs benefiting amazing causes, and customizable bulk options (we’ll talk about those next. 😉) 


ICYMI: you can create your very own, completely unique Pura Vida style with our customization tool. When you order a minimum of 25 string bracelets, you can choose from 15+ color options for the string, tie, and knot colors, resulting in thousands of combination possibilities! 🌈 You can use them for fundraising initiatives, gift bags for a big event, stocking up in your school or sorority colors, the list goes on! So many options to express yourself or your cause. 

She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment! Our stylish, sturdy, and stackable string bracelets are such a major part of everything we do here at Pura Vida, and we’re so glad you love them as much as we do. Be sure to check out the site for the next addition to your string bracelet stash, we have a feeling you’ll love it. 🥰

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