Pallet Mug Holder

Do you have a mug collection just piled up in your cupboard? Why not let all those pretty little mugs you own be on display? We hope you will get to make delicious hot drinks this fall season in some of your favorite mugs. With all the options of hot drinks to enjoy: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, lattes and more, displaying your mugs with this DIY Pallet Mug Holder makes it easier and can bring any room some fun. Follow along on how to make your own mug holder using a pallet! This takes some work but it is do-able for anyone who wants to create one. img_7341What you will need: -Wood Pallet -Gloves -Safety Glasses -Hammer -Short Pry bar -Chop Saw -Belt Sander or Hand Sander -Measuring tape -Pencil -Wood Stain -Paper towels -Paint brush -Nails -Mug hooks -Large picture hangers -Acrylic paint (if you choose to write words on your finished product) Step 1) First things first, you will need to take apart your pallet. Gather your safety glasses, short pry bar, hammer, and gloves. img_0025Step 2) Slip on your gloves, put on your safety glasses, and take your short pry bar, and using your hammer begin to pull apart your pallet. Use your muscles for this one! img_0029Step 3) Once the pallet is disassembled, and the nails are removed, You need to have 7 wood pieces in total. You will cut in half the longer piece with the fork lift prongs to make two. (second one from the left in this photo is the one that will be cut in half) img_0036Step 4) Prepare your chop saw. Get a friend to help you if you have never used one before. If you do not have a chop saw at home, you can go to your local home improvement store and they can cut it for you. img_0032Step 5) Take 4 of your wood pieces that measure to your desired length for them to be used as the boards that the hooks attach to. We measured and cut our boards about 24 inches in length to fit about 3-4 mugs across. img_0038Step 6) Measure from top to bottom. Make the lines even. img_0040Step 7) Put on your safety glasses, gloves, and carefully cut along your measure lines. img_0045Step 8) Make sure your pieces measure up the same. This is a photo of the longer piece with the two fork lift prongs that you cut directly in half. This is the one you cut directly in half and will be used for the sides of your pallet display. img_0046Step 9) Using a belt sander, or a hand sander, sand your pieces all around, and until all of the rough edges are smoothed out. img_0054Step 10) Time to stain your wood pieces for a more finished look. Any wood stain color of choice will work. img_0058Step 11) Using a paint brush, apply an even layer of stain to each wood piece. Make use your have gloves on and wear clothes your don't mind getting ruined if the stain gets on it. img_0062Step 12) Once you paint a layer of stain on, immediately wipe gently with a paper towel, depending how light you want your wood stain color to be. Remove any obvious drips. (helpful directions to proper staining techniques will be on the back of the can) img_0064Step 13) Let your stain pieces dry. img_0066Step 14) Gather all your hanging supplies. Nails (about 2-2 1/2 inch nails will work) make sure the nail is long enough to go through your wood board. Mug hooks, and large picture hangers. img_5183Step 15) Nail a back board to your two even side pieces. This is where you will nail your picture hangers and then attach to the wall. img_5186Step 16) Flip over to the front side and nail all of your front boards making even space between them. img_5190Step 19) Place mug hooks where you want them. Once you like the placement of them, secure them in. img_5197Step 20) Make sure everything is nailed in tight, and your hooks aren't loose. img_5203Step 21) Nail your photo hooks to the back board of your display. Make sure you purchase hooks that can hold over 20 pounds. img_5227Step 22) You can choose to paint words on your coffee pallet. Hang in your home wherever you want to display! Hang coffee mugs on your hooks and enjoy your hard work! img_7349
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