DIY Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are all the range in the relaxation department. They make the perfect gift this season, so why not try and make your own to give away!? These are so fun to pop in the bath and relax and the essential oil scent will make you want to stay in the tub forever! puravida-21What you will need: -Baking soda (4 ounces) -Corn starch (2 ounces) -Citric Acid (2 ounces) -Dead Sea Salt or Epsom salt (2 ounces) -Water (1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons) -Essential oils or Fragrance oils (scent it up to you!) -Coconut Oil Make up pigment or food coloring (optional) 1-2 drops -Dried flowers (optional) -Bath Bomb molds -Mixer puravida-2Step 1) Add in dry ingredients into a mixing bowl. Citric acid, dead sea salt, corn starch, and baking soda. puravida-3 puravida-4Bath bomb molds and essential oils almost ready to add! puravida-6Step 2) Choose color of choice that you want to make your bath bomb batch with. We used a little sprinkle of make up pigment. Here is where you can also substitute 1-2 drops of food coloring (or even use some old eye shadow you have laying around). Either of these will be fine to use to add coloring to your bath bomb mixture. Add pigment to the dry ingredients. puravida-7*Only use a little bit! Mix until color is stirred in. puravida-8Step 3) Add dry ingredients to your mixing bowl. puravida-9Step 4) In a separate glass measuring cup, add coconut oil, water, and essential oils and melt it in the microwave. puravida-10Step 5) Using a spoon, slowly spoon in water/ oil mixture a little bit at a time to your dry ingredients. puravida-11Slow and steady! Going to quickly will cause lumps and may mess up your mix. puravida-12Step 6) Mix until no more lumps appear. puravida-13Step 7) Pack in mixture into your bath bomb molds, allow it to overflow a little. If you are adding dried flowers, add them to the bottom of the mold before adding your mixture. Press them together, and gently remove one side from your mold. Place your bath bomb on a flat tray and surface and allow 10-12 minutes for them to dry. After 10-12 minutes have passed, gently remove the other side. puravida-14Once your batch of bath bombs are out of the molds, keep them drying overnight for at least 8 hours. puravida-15Tell us what you think of this post and if you are going to try these at home! puravida-19
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