14 Struggles Only a Wanderluster Will Understand

We believe that travel is life. We can't stop thinking about our next adventure or dreaming of everything from exotic beaches to snow-capped mountains. We are wanderlusters. And here are 14 struggles that only we can relate to: 

1) Spending your entire day at work looking at flights and getting nothing done.
2) Post-surf trip blues.
3) Losing your flip flops.
4) Drinking from a cup and not a coconut.
5) Sand. In. Everything.
6) Differentiating between foreign currencies in your wallet.
7) Jetlag. 
8) Ridiculous tan lines. 
9) Finding the love of your life then realizing you have to go home.
10) Being fully clothed. 
11) Your tan fades and so does your happiness.
12) Washing out your beach hair. 
13) Extreme FOMO from seeing other people's vacation photos on Instagram.
14) The never ending urge to travel, explore and seek out new adventure.

Wanderlust Bar Ring: By Jasmin

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