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(Video) DIY: Painted Chevron Nails

Here's a nail "tip": Up the cuteness factor on your manicure with our DIY Painted Chevron Nails!

Watch our full video tutorial:

Nail Polish - 2 Colors + Gold (optional)
Clear Top Coat
Nail Polish Remover

1) Paint a base coat of white polish (or whatever color you like) on your nails. Let it completely dry. You'll be sticking tape on it and don't want to smudge your handy work.

2) Cut 10 small pieces of tape and stick them onto your skin to make them less tacky. Then, place the 2 pieces of tape on each nail to create a triangle shape.

3) Brush on your second nail color over the tape. Have some color fun and alternate for each nail or create an accent nail with gold polish!

4) Carefully remove the tape while it's still wet. Clean up your edges with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.

5) Let your nails dry and apply a final clear top coat to finish off your beautiful design. Hello cuteness!

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