6 Ways to Repurpose your Pura Vida

Breathe a second life into your bracelets with these 6 Ways to Repurpose your Pura Vida:

1) Have a trading party. Gather your besties, your Pura Vida bracelets and trade 'em up with your friends for something new and different.

2) Make a keychain. Always losing your keys? Attach a key ring to a bunch of bracelets to make a handy dandy keychain.

3) Use them as drink markers at big parties. Avoid the mixed drink mix-up by giving each cup a touch of Pura Vida and pair it with a bracelet.

4) Use them as string for a gift tag. Add an extra special touch to your gifts by attaching a bracelet to a handwritten tag.

5) Braid the string from 3 bracelets together to create a new style. Combine and conquer! Grab 3 single bracelets, snip the end to create pieces of string then braid together to fashion a brand new style! 

6) Repurpose the charm bracelets into charm necklaces. Thread the charms onto new string or a necklace you already own. From anchors to arrows, with so many charming options, you'll have a whole new collection of unique Pura Vida necklaces. 

Alex McDonnell

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April 27, 2015 by Kat Gaskin
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