Mad For Plaid


5 Ways to Wear Your Plaid this Fall: 

1. A button down plaid shirt with jeans. Casual, cute, and comfortable. You can dress it up with a pair of heels, or keep the laid back style with a pair of Converse or Birkenstocks. 

2. Layer your look. Layer your plaid button up with a shirt underneath and a few necklaces. Even a striped shirt underneath can look cool. 


3. Its all in the details. Just a tad of plaid peeking out from rips in your jeans or on elbow pads on a denim button up can look pretty cool. If its a little bit colder, check out a plaid scarf to add to your outfit.  


4. Tie it around your waist. This is the new trend that we've been seeing all around town. Whether it is paired with a plain and simple dress, a mini skirt, or denim shorts - it all gives off that cool girl vibe. 


5. Go all out. It takes some guts to go all over plaid, but the outcome is usually pretty sweet. 


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October 07, 2014 by Hannah Stokes
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