Check Out Our Best Sellers

Have you checked out our best sellers lately?  Here's a list of some of our favorite best sellers.  Enjoy! 

1. Beach Life- Perfect for all you beach lovers.

2. Yoga Girl Pack- A great accessory to your everyday yoga attire.

3. Solid Black and Silver Infinity Black- They look great together or paired with other styles.

4. Born to be Wild- An awesome accessory for all those wild summer nights.

5. Flat Braided Pacific Blue and the Lost at Sea Anklet- For the inner mermaid in you!

6. Black + White Pack- Hair ties that actually look good in your hair!

7. Pura Vida "Smells Good" Candle- For good vibes and down time at home.

8. Gold Anchor Blue- Sail away in style!

9. East Beach Waves iphone 5 Case- The perfect summer accessory for your phone.

10. Heather Grey Pura Vida Beanie- Keep warm and cozy on those chilly mornings. 

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