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We all want to live life our own way. We have this idealistic sense of the world where we feel like unique individuals; we feel entitled to life as if we were meant to be here, as if we were meant to make a difference. But how can that be with more than seven billion people on the planet feeling the same way? 

Every day, people tell you the things you can’t do and why you shouldn’t do them. And every day, people believe what they are told. And not to say that believing them is a character flaw; it is more so a self-inflicted wound that you don’t necessarily feel right away. Because every time you have a dream and somebody tells you a negative reality about said dream, it hinders your being and stunts your growth as a full-forming human.

Pura Vida is a company that wasn’t stifled by societal restrictions. Inspiration came to Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman on a whim. Not knowing what you are doing in life is okay. Not knowing right after you graduate is normal. Feeling overwhelmed with life is almost a standard day-to-day state of psychosis. And to avoid an environment where all creative and intellectual stimulation is stifled, we as a generation are beginning to get inventive.

That is the solution. We are thinking outside of the box, expanding our networks and reaching out to the communities around us to find the jobs that we will ultimately love. And if we can’t find them, we create them. Pura Vida Bracelets is a company that not only built a product that gives back, but has branded a lifestyle that we all want to live by. Simplicity and purity are the fundamentals of harmony, and who doesn’t want to live harmoniously?

My articles posted for this brand are going to be a mix of fun and relevant ‘listicles’, as I once heard them called. And they will be funny and sarcastic and you may not agree with them but I’m not trying to get you to agree. I am a 21-year old graduate from San Diego State and I am excited to write for a brand that exudes positivity, passion and spontaneity. So buy a bracelet, read this blog or do whatever it is that will make you happy. And hopefully, you smile a little bit more throughout the day because of it.

January 31, 2014 by Griffin Thall
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