Spring Hangers

Springtime equals spring cleaning... AND a fun new wardrobe! Out with the sweaters. In with the skirts. We have created a fun five minute DIY project to glam up your newly organized closet. Let's get started. What You'll Need: 1) Clothing hangers 2) Paint (two different colors if you follow this design) 3) Paint brush IMG_7266 Step 1: Paint body of clothing hanger and let dry IMG_7269 IMG_7272 IMG_7274 Step 2: Paint top of clothing hanger a different color and let dry IMG_7279 Step 3: Hang and enjoy your new closet! IMG_7283 IMG_7296 IMG_7302 Where are you shopping this spring?!
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April 23, 2020 at 5:51pm

Hahaha good one! that joke just made my day!!

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