Bat Treats

Throwing a Halloween Bash and need some last minute treat ideas to set out? We got ya covered! These are quick, simple and totally cute. Follow along for our two ingredient bat treat DIY! These are guaranteed to be a party hit! You'll thank us later. ;) Here is what you will need:
  1. Oreos
  2. Reese's
  3. Googly eyes
Take your Oreos and scrape the creme out of the center to save for later. Break them in half to create the look of bat wings. Use the creme to adhere the Oreo halves to the Reese's cup. Add the eyes. Look- now you have bats! Easy peasy.
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April 23, 2020 at 5:53pm

I think that instead of plastic eyes, you could do a dot of white icing and a smaller dot on top of black icing. This would make the whole treat edible! I feel like it is fairly gross to put craft eyes on something you are planning on eating. Overall though, love the idea!!

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