Air Plant Holder

Do you still have an Easter basket sitting around from the other weekend? Us too. We have created a fun DIY to help you reuse those plastic eggs. Let’s get started! What You'll Need: 1) Plastic Easter Egg 2) Air Plant 3) Glue 4) Craft Magnet If You Want To Paint Your Egg 3) Paint 4) Paint Brush Step 1. Paint bottom half of Easter egg (this step is optional) Step 2: Glue craft magnet to bottom half of Easter egg Step 3: Place air plant in bottom half of Easter egg Step 4: Hang Air Plant Holder + Enjoy What color would your Air Plant Holder be? Comment below.
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April 23, 2020 at 5:54pm

this is so cool! my fam is building a house and im sooooo gonna do this in my room😍😍

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